What is Barre?

Heard of the phenomenon? Barre is taking the world by storm. It is the workout that celebrities swear by including Madonna, the Victoria Secret’s Angels and even Ryan Gosling(we would kill to be in his class!). So what is this all about?

WEBARRE, Singapore’s first boutique barre studio, brings together the best of ballet techniques, yoga, Pilates & strength training in one dynamic 60-minute workout. The WeBarre workout is a one-stop shop that transforms your entire body. The workouts make use of the barre for balance, focusing on isometric holds and then combining it with dynamic exercises and movements. It even build on the dynamic movements that lead to mini choreographed movements! Barre is suitable for all fitness levels. No dance experience or tutus required but we won’t mind if you want to come in theme!

Why has barre become such a big success? It is not just addictive, but EFFECTIVE and SHOWS RESULTS. It’s for EVERYONE. With consistency, barre enthusiasts find that their bodies become leaner, more sculpted and their postures standing taller. Others simply get addicted to the fun dance-inspired workout set to infectious music and dynamic choreography.

Whatever the reason, check it out for yourself, we promise you won’t regret it!


Class Types

Two of our most popular classes, WeBarre Fundamentals and WeBarre Signature Multi-Level classes are offered at Joyful Steps.


WeBarre Fundamentals

Perfect for beginners who want a taste of barre and the opportunity to learn the signature moves at a slower pace. The class will focus on technique & form in a more intimate setting so you will have plenty of guidance in anything you’re unsure of. But don’t be fooled, it’s still a dynamic workout that’s guaranteed to give you that burn and make you sweat! Great for anyone who is postnatal too.


WeBarre Signature Multi-level

Our signature multi-level class is an exhilarating workout inspired by ballet, yoga, pilates & strength training to transform your entire body (yes you heard right!). Classes will be a fusion of isometric holds (small controlled movements) and full-range dynamic movements that will challenge you to build strength yet moving gracefully with poise. Think body control, flow, strength & technique fused into one class – challenging you to go beyond your limits!



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To find out more about the Creator of this unique WeBarre Fitness Programme, please visit www.webarre.com

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