This course will further enhance one’s understanding of contemporary dance with the use of weight, fall and recover, and personal expression. The class will include exercises to stretch, strengthen and improve contemporary dance techniques. Classes will also end with a simple choreography at the end of each term.

Children and adult classes available.



Hip Hop has grown in popularity amongst kids with its regular exposure and connection to MTV and hip hop music. Kids could channel their energy through outward expression of their creativity in various creative dance steps.

Hip Hop Juniors : 5 – 6 years old
Hip Hop Kids : 7 – 9 / 10 – 12 years old
Hip Hop Teens/Adult : Above 13 years old


Lyrical Jazz


This is a modern day version of classical ballet; a fusion of modern jazz and ballet movements to the rhythm of lyrical music.

It combines Jazz moves and classical ballet dance techniques without the common en-pointe requirement. For those who prefer a more expressive dance and without the restrictive moves of a classical ballet, this is the perfect alternatives for you.

Children and Adults Jazz
Classes Available

Modern Jazz


A fusion of jazz and contemporary movements, dance enthusiasts get to enjoy a new class experience. Rhythms and dance moves may swing to the tunes of slow ballads to fast jazzy songs. If you are new to dance and want to experience this type of dance, join us at the introduction level. For those who have dance background in similar or other dance types, you may try out at the Beginners Level.

Children and Adults Jazz
Classes available

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