Zumba Fitness is the perfect combo of fun dancing and fitness that combine cardio and muscle toning which has become a world-wide phenomenon. What’s best – It is made for everyone who likes dancing yet comes with calorie-burning workout elements.

Pilates Mat

Pilates exercises began in popularity not just as a normal stretching exercises for those with spine injury/problem or are unable to engage in high intensity exercises. In Pilates Mat Exercise, the slow and focused moves through varied floor workout are good for anyone who wish to keep fit and healthy through a good stretch and tone for the various muscles in your body without the “rigorous jumps” in aerobic workout.

Why is Pilates good for Ballet Dancers?

Stronger abs, improves flexibility of spine, leaner arms, trimmer legs and butt, improved posture relieves headaches and body pains, improve balance and control, fight flab and sleep better.

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